Thursday, July 1, 2010

Until Next Time

So that's it! Another summit for the books. Writing this from the
comfort of an Anchorage hotel room, I am reveling in the amenities I
almost always take for granted, i.e. a big bed, shower, pillow, etc.
Thinking back on the expedition, I realize that the physical aspect of
mountaineering is one thing, but the true challenge, at least for me,
was the mental stamina needed to succeed. One of our guides put it
best at the end of the trip: "I like mountaineering because it's
uncomfortable." I couldn't agree more. The rewards of enduring such
hardships are what makes it all worthwhile. Pulling together as a
team, looking out for each other, and standing on top of some of the
world's highest peaks is simply an unbeatable combination. I am
extremely lucky to have had these opportunities. I hope you all will
stay tuned for the next adventure! Thanks for following. Mike Fanning

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  1. "i feel your spirit everywhere, i can hear you sigh....." string cheese Mike you make us proud we turned the music up in honor of you and hope you do too. Cheers Beth & Casey